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Remove stigma around mental health including suicide prevention, PTSD, anxiety & depression.

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Anxiety and Depression Association of America

ADAA's mission focuses on improving quality of life for those struggling with anxiety, depression and co-occurring disorders. ADAA provides education about the disorders and helps people find treatment, resources, and support. ADAA strives to improve patient care by promoting implementation of evidence-based treatments and best practices across disciplines through continuing education and trainings and accelerating dissemination of research into practice. ADAA promotes scientific innovation and engages a diverse network of basic and clinical anxiety and depression researchers and providers encouraging the implementation of new treatments to clinicians. These commitments drive ADAA’s promise to find new treatments and a cure.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Our mission is to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.AFSP is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. AFSP creates a culture that’s smart about mental health by engaging in the following core strategies:-Funding scientific research-Educating the public about mental health and suicide prevention-Advocating for public policies in mental health and suicide prevention-Supporting survivors of suicide loss and those affected by suicide

PTSD Relief Now Corporation

African PTSD Relief is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all Africans by providing relief from PTSD. African PTSD Relief (APR) is a project of PSTD Relief Now (PRN), which works with individuals and groups around the world who have PTSD or are at risk for PTSD. African PTSD Relief aims to reduce the pandemic of PTSD in Africa by making available the scientifically validated and cost-effective Transcendental Meditation (TM) program. This program has been shown to significantly reduce PTSD symptoms in a wide range of settings in Africa and around the world. Two studies published in Journal of Traumatic Stress show that 90% of Congolese refugees with high levels of PTSD symptoms became non-symptomatic within 30 days of beginning TM, with regular daily practice.

PTSD Foundation of America | Camp Hope

The mission of the PTSD Foundation of America is to bring hope and healing to Combat Veterans and their families suffering from the effects of combat-related Post Traumatic Stress. We attempt to bring healing by directly providing evidence-based peer-to-peer mentoring, both on an individual basis and in group settings. In addition to this, we provide interim housing to Combat Veterans who are going through our mentoring and group programs at no cost to the Veteran. We are committed to increasing public awareness of PTSD, as well as providing support to veterans and their families living with the condition through our "Corps of Compassion" initiative combining resources with government agencies, civic groups, and private sector businesses to promote healing and post traumatic growth.

Mental Health Fund

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