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Brazil is battling a devastating wave of COVID-19 infections with record number of infections and accounted for one in three deaths so far this year. The organizations in this Brazil COVID-19 Relief Fund has been pre-vetted by Bright Funds and selected by Pinterest to support relief efforts in providing healthcare, medical needs and essential services.

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Associacao Prato Cheio

Promote access to adequate food for people at social risk and vulnerability, by fighting food waste and enhancing nutrition education, contributing to environmental development.Aligned to Millennium Development Goals, Prato Cheio contributes to fight hunger and malnutrition, improving the food using that would be waste through the supply chain.The operation of Prato Cheio is based on "Urban Harvest" Program, concept developed by Food Chain, a northern American NGO network. It has as basis fresh food gathering safely and its later transfer.

Associacao Redes de Desenvolvimento da Mare

To ensure the effectiveness of rights for the population of the 16 favelas of Mare.

Ação Cidadania

Our mission is to fight against hunger, poverty and inequality in Brazil.\nOur founders famous phrase is "Quem tem fome, tem pressa" (who is hungry, is in a hurry"), so we\nunderstand that while we fight for better public policies that can solve the problems, poor people\ncan't just wait until the policies get implemented because, depending on there conditions, they die\nof hunger waiting.

Banco de Alimentos Associacao Civil

We look for food where it is left and take it where it lacks\nThis basic premise gives meaning to the existence of the NGO Banco de Alimentos, created in 1998, in São Paulo, by the pioneering initiative of economist Luciana Quintão. Inspired by the idea of ​​reducing food waste in industry and commerce, and distributing the surplus to social institutions, the NGO conducts an Urban Harvest that makes it possible to supplement quality food for more than 20 thousand people, every day.

Pinterest Brazil COVID-19 Relief Fund

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